Money Tracker by BillGuard
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Money Tracker by BillGuard
Money Tracker by BillGuard
Money Tracker by BillGuard
Money Tracker by BillGuard
Money Tracker by BillGuard
Money Tracker by BillGuard
Money Tracker by BillGuard

Review Money Tracker by BillGuard

Kevin Vadala
Looks good
Not enough information available
Billguard for Android is another money management application that centers itself on providing security and information about your payments. It’s similar to Mint in some ways, but provides a simpler interface and some “useful” security features.
I can say one thing about Billguard with a lot of confidence. It looks pretty sharp, as the interface centers itself on a circular design in the middle - with your finances separated into different categories with the different amounts of your payments. You can select each category, like shopping, travel etc. Once you do so, the amount is shown in the middle of the circular table. Each selection gets outlined in a bright neon color in the middle, and the outside is outlined in white. The background is red. On the bottom of the screen is your previous months are available for easy access. Overall, the interface looks good, but it doesn't always feel super useful. This main interface is really the only source of interaction in the app besides just tapping a category and looking at payments. That’s not really a problem per se in terms of it being an easy-to-use mobile app, but having only one way to do things in the app feels limited and too small.
Billguard also doesn't seem as on-track with your payments as Mint is. You can’t really get as much information like pending payments, and its confusing to see your overall expenses versus income as well. Billguard is really only good for seeing certain categories and payments, and the categorization isn't as intuitive as I would like; although you can customize this and also customize budgets.
Billguard is a solid pick for managing your finances but it might not have all of the information you would want. It’s a good app for verifying purchases and the like, but it lacks complexity in terms of its simple to use and good looking interface.

Final ratings

Usefulness 7/10
Usability 7/10
Originality 7/10
Design 7/10
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