XCOM®: Enemy Within
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XCOM®: Enemy Within
XCOM®: Enemy Within
XCOM®: Enemy Within
XCOM®: Enemy Within
XCOM®: Enemy Within
XCOM®: Enemy Within
XCOM®: Enemy Within
XCOM®: Enemy Within
XCOM®: Enemy Within
XCOM®: Enemy Within

Review XCOM®: Enemy Within

Vlad Popa
Complex gameplay, features some of the best and most fluid turn based combat mechanics, modern graphics, multiplayer mode
Difficult to play on a small screen, movement via touch screen is tricky (especially vertical movement)
XCOM: Enemy Within for Android is a standalone expansion to the acclaimed XCOM: Enemy Unknown game. For those unfamiliar with XCOM games, either from their success on the PC or from the original’s debut on the Play Store, prepare to be amazed. The game brings the amazing gameplay of its predecessor and expands on it by adding a lot of content to the original.
Instead of a true sequel, Enemy Within expands the existing content by adding some base management elements, a new alien resource, new enemies and additional plot elements that greatly expand upon the story as it progresses. Yet it keeps the original intact.
The game plays mostly like the original, consisting mainly of amazing turn based battles with some action elements and using some great cinematic camerawork to deliver the intense feeling of the action. For each mission, players must prepare an appropriate squad of units that are properly equipped to deal with each situation. From a top-down perspective the player commands each unit’s action on the field, moving from cover to cover and dealing with the alien situation as it develops. Critical choices must be made during the course of the game that will have a major impact upon the resources available and the development of the story.
Overall XCOM: Enemy Within for Android is truly a masterpiece and one of the few true gamer-oriented games available on mobile platforms. The main downside is that players who have already experienced the game will need to play through it once more to experience the new content as it is blended in with the original. The good news is that being a standalone game, newcomers do not require having played or even purchased the original, as it is already included.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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