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Elune Saga
Elune Saga
Elune Saga
Elune Saga
Elune Saga
Elune Saga
Elune Saga
Elune Saga
Elune Saga
Elune Saga
Elune Saga
Elune Saga

Review Elune Saga

Kevin Vadala
Good visuals
Microtransactions and ads are foundation of game
Elune Saga for Android is a fantasy game by Gamevil, and in a lot of ways it feels just like a normal gimicky free to play app with microtransactions. It starts you off with a few customary cinematics about how the story got tore up and things called souls started being harvested. Then you, the heroes, are able to use souls in order to attack back. In the game these souls represent cards that invariably you will collect and manage (seems like free to play already, eh?).
The story behind the game isn’t anything original, but at least the game attempts to string some form of a story throughout the game. In between battles you will see some short snippets of dialogue, some of which made me cringe. “Newb” is actually used as an insult…
When you aren’t being called a newb, you are spending your time in between menus and battles. The battles in the game are turn based (of course) where you select units in front of your units to attack. You alternate between using basic attacks and more magical attacks that build up over time. There isn’t much strategy involved in these fights, although the game does attempt to complicate things by making certain units more or less resilient to certain attacks. So instead of just blindly attacking, you might have to choose.
The graphics in the game are fine, and while the dialogue cut scenes have Korean painted portraits like so many other mobile games, the actual rendered models in the game look fairly detailed, smooth, and well-colored. It is hard to tell if the main character is a boy or a girl, and I think s/he might be purposely gender neutral with a name like Tristram.
Elune Saga is a common game with some good graphics. It has huge menu based gameplay that throws you into the game. But you don’t get lost because it guides you around from place to place. Games like these don’t really have challenges, but instead rely more on the amount of time or money you invest into it.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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