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Alpha Wave
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Alpha Wave
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Alpha Wave

Review Alpha Wave

Kevin Vadala
Great effects
A little easy at times
Alpha Wave for Android is a frantic arcade style shooting game in which you fight off asteroids and spikey balls. In the game you start shooting fast, and if you get power-ups, you can shoot even faster! The game has a modern feel but borrows the gameplay elements of old arcade style shooters.
Alpha Wave has core mechanics within the game that feel very generous, and some would say, easy. For example, your main ship has a 100% shield rate, and each hit you take only takes down a few percentage points. Unlike most arcade style shooters where one shot taken often means death, in Alpha Wave, you can last quite a while even after taking a few brutal hits to your shield.
Not only does your ship have good shields, it can also have extremely potent firepower. Your ship even starts out with shooting that feels very fast and deadly. The fire is blue and machine-gun like, and when you upgrade your weapon it’s even more insane. You can get a upgrade very early on that is red and has a very wide area-of-effect. This weapon feels borderline overpowered, and you should have no problem wrecking anything that comes in your path. For awhile, you can even stand still while your fire tears up anything in your path (which can be quite satisfying). Then, the enemies slowly get smarter, and start coming at your from angles if you don’t shoot them fast enough. You can get other upgrades like green fire, that has an even larger area of effect.
These power-ups aren’t even the only bonuses you can get to your offense. There are cooldowns on bombs, and short bursts of intense fire that happen every minute or so. There isn't really a limit to these cooldowns, and they quickly dispense of anything on the map whenever you use them.
Alpha Wave is an easy game that takes awhile to throw the challenge at you. It’s a fun game that's almost easy to relax to if you just want to blow up some asteroids or strange objects.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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