Rage of the Seven Seas
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Rage of the Seven Seas
Rage of the Seven Seas
Rage of the Seven Seas
Rage of the Seven Seas
Rage of the Seven Seas
Rage of the Seven Seas
Rage of the Seven Seas
Rage of the Seven Seas
Rage of the Seven Seas

Review Rage of the Seven Seas

Brandon Girod
Pirate themed, interesting culmination of casual city builder and role playing mechanics
Art design is unimaginative, the combat mechanics are almost non-existent
Rage of the Seven Seas for Android can be summed up as a generic RPG. Perhaps the only thing that really sets it apart from the rest of the competition is that this one involves pirates. It’s like they took a hint from Ubisoft and decided to randomly pull out a pirate game just for the sake of being different. But unfortunately, this game isn’t quite as good as Ubisoft’s pirate themed blockbuster.
The game almost plays itself. When I started my first campaign mission, I clicked next after finishing, and immediately ran off to fight the next pirate ship. I did this probably 6 times before I realized that each ship was its own mission rather than a fight within a single mission.
What this means to me is that there is almost no variation in gameplay for playing alone. When you select a mission, your ship fights automatically. So you’re really just starting a mission, dazing off into space, and then clicking next after you win.
The meat of the game is in its management system, which plays more like a casual city builder. Inside your ship you have different compartments that each do different things. You have to recruit crew members to run these compartments, and each crew member can level-up and give the compartment extra benefits. For instance, if you build a command center, and assign a crew who specializes in that compartment, then it will raise your ship's attack rating higher than normal.
Rage of the Seven Seas for Android is interesting in that it borrows some ideas from casual city builders. But it fails down on combat mechanics. I’m personally not a huge fan of passive combat, and I’d rather have more effort placed on that part of the game than any other.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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