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NinJump Dash
NinJump Dash
NinJump Dash
NinJump Dash
NinJump Dash
NinJump Dash
NinJump Dash
NinJump Dash
NinJump Dash

Review NinJump Dash

Brandon Girod
Highly competitive multiplayer, fun costumes that can be purchased with in-game currency
In-game currency is also used to play, needs better player location indicators
NinJump Dash for Android is a side-scrolling runner that actually does have an end. It’s primarily a multiplayer game where 4 players race each other over several platforming obstacles in order to be the first to the finish line.
Games with two buttons really shine on mobile platforms. Here you’ll notice that your right button will jump. And if you press it again, it jumps again. The game also has items you can use against other players, and the left button controls these “combat” items.
I found the game to be really fun. If you and three other players that run across the level to get to the finish line. There are platforms to traverse and holes you should definitely avoid falling into. The level is only one obstacle, however. Other players pose bigger problems when they slow time down, or hit you with rockets.
The racing is usually neck and neck. One thing I feel like the game could improve on is player indicators. You currently have no idea where other players are, just how much further ahead or behind you they are. This doesn’t really help when you realize they could also be above or below you.
It costs coins to race, but you also gain coins by winning races. I’m not a huge fan of this system simply because you can get caught in a losing streak that pretty much sucks your funds dry. The good thing is you only need these coins to buy aesthetic costumes, but it’s still inconvenient.
NinJump Dash is a fun game to waste a bit of time with. You can gain power ups as you play, but they don’t give you a big enough advantage that they’ll decide the match. The gameplay is well balanced and the procedurally generated levels are usually pretty fun and interesting.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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Gaurav kumar
Best game forever
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