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Trusper Tips
Trusper Tips
Trusper Tips
Trusper Tips
Trusper Tips
Trusper Tips
Trusper Tips
Trusper Tips

Review Trusper Tips

Kevin Vadala
Good content
Design feels outdated
Trusper Tips for Android is another one of those apps that is partly social networking, partly tips, and partly self-promotion. I’m actually a fan of these apps because people often post super-creative recipes and do-it-yourselves. I like the content on Trusper, and while it might be geared more towards females, dessert-loving males may find some content they are interested in too. I even learned how to properly and prettily peel an orange!
There are three tabs in Trusper: Love it tip, new and popular, and trending. The love it tip, according to the app heading picture, is a contest of shoppable tips for “Fashionista Meets Mom”. On this tab, from what I understand, are popular tips that are useful for moms and have the highest amount of popularity from posts. On the next tab, are more new recent posts that have been garnering attention. Next to that, is the trending tab which is sort of a middle ground between the other two tabs. Overall, the organization works well but the heads are a little confusing. Most popular, new, and becoming popular now, would have sufficed better, if not appeared as trendy.
With the variety of different tabs, you are sure to find some meaningful content. There are even tabs more typically fitting for the male audience like gaming, and tech. Although there isn’t much content here - there are all sorts of categories to choose from.
Trusper Tips has pretty good content, but the interface looks a little cheap and tacky for my tastes. Everything kind of has an old crafty magazine kind of look. I think with a material design revamp, and a new logo, Trusper wouldn’t feel so cheap and might gain more popularity and worth at the same time.

Final ratings

Usefulness 7/10
Usability 7/10
Originality 7/10
Design 7/10
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