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Kevin Vadala
Super fast menus, great graphics
Still the same game
Soulcalibur for Android is a remake of the Playstation classic, and it looks great. There are HD graphics for this mobile port and the old age feels fresh on the Android phone. Like it’s Playstation counterpart, there are 19 characters and a few different modes like time attack, or survival.
I loved playing Soul Calibur on my Playstation. I remember liking it because it felt easier than Street Fighter, and at the time it had great graphics. I also liked the blend of more serious characters, scary characters, sexy characters, and just plain weird characters like Voldo. The fighting styles between characters also feel drastically different and the moves look cool. The diversity in this game was what made it special, and it still holds up even on this platform.
Everything feels like Soulcalibur, and in some ways it feels even better on the phone. The only thing I can dismiss is the virtual controls. You are never going to have that much fun playing a fighting game with virtual controls, and this game is no exception. While I could still kick some ass with the virtual controls, I didn’t really enjoy the game that much. This game really shines with a gamepad, and according to the Play Store listing, it has support for playing on the TV; which would be really awesome. If you’ve never played Soul Calibur then you are in for a treat. If you are a veteran of the series, you might really enjoy the super quick menus and overall polished feel of the game.
Soul Calibur for Android is a great port. It works super quick on the phone and the graphics have had a great overhaul. If you have a gamepad, this could be your go-to fighting game for a while.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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