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Mirror Beta
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Kevin Vadala
No pros
Buggy, no design elements, very difficult to set up
Mirror Beta for Android is an app that lets you stream your Android screen to a device. It says it works on TVs, Apple TV, Chrome Extension, All Cast, and Android-to-Android mirroring. For the purpose of this review I tried out the mirroring through the chrome extension. Suffice to say, my experience was nothing short of a disaster. This beta app, has a long way to go. Just to even use it, you have to have a rooted phone (I do).
When I started Mirror Beta it crashed the first time. Then I had to grant it permission through SuperSu. Then it installed itself on my phone and disappeared. I had to look through my whole app collection to find it. Then I realized it was back its original installed location before I had moved it to my main home screen. Quite a tricky set up.
So when I finally found the app, I didn’t know how to get it to work. There were no instructions in the app, so I had to go back to the download page. Once I was there I understood that I had to download an external application for my browser called Allcast (which has bad reviews on the Play Store). I got that booted up, and then opened up Mirror Beta, and it found my browser. But still nothing would work. All I would get is a little notification that some footage was recorded in my notification panel but if I checked on it, it would crash. So long story short, a lot of headache for an app that doesn’t even work on my S4. I wanted to uninstall the app, and you can imagine how hard that was. I had to install Titanium Backup just to uninstall it because there's no uninstall button in the app and its not really an app on your phone; because it gets integrated into your system files.
Mirror Beta might work on your phone. I’ve heard some success with phones with CM (Cyanogen Mod) and it might work on pure Android phones like Nexus. If you don’t have those phones, and maybe even if you do, this app is likely more of a hassle than it’s worth.

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Hi i am using Redime note 3 and could not found screen mirroring to connect to samsung tv as screen mirroring option is available in Samsung  TV please let me know any app can support to it.
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