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Places near me
Places near me
Places near me
Places near me
Places near me
Places near me
Places near me
Places near me
Places near me

Review Places near me

Kevin Vadala
Feels like yelp but more useful U.I
Review system is questionable
Place2Go for Android is a new app that looks like Yelp in terms of its logo, but performs much more simpler. It has a modern and simplistic design that does wonders for its user experience. A lot of times I hate yelp because of how cluttered the app has become - and its insistence upon complicating things with its hard to manage filter. Yes, for the fifth time, I want to see things close to my location! Thankfully, Place2Go seems aware of that problem and while they didn’t really innovate with their app icon, the app seems to cater to your needs.
When you start up the app, you simply have a search box and two options, either you sort by name, or by category- depending on the radius. When you pick category, you get a list of different sorts of food like Italian, Japanese, Mexican, and so forth. If you want something specific like Taco Bell, Chipotle, or other popular name specific locations you can use the other tab. Or, you can just type in burger and get a list of burger joints nearby.
Once you have your restaurant picked (besides its name you are shown things like price, distance, rating) you are shown a very handy map with its location and a red line overdrawn onto the map that shows your route. It’s a small feature addition, but it feels good to see a line that shows you where to go. On the bottom of the screen you will get some useful information like a phone number, the distance, and the address. There doesn’t seem to much be in the way of reviews, besides a star rating system next to the name of the restaurant before you actually tap it. I’m not really sure where the rating comes from, which would be useful.
Place2Go is staying on my phone for its pure convenience and easy of use. Picking a restaurant often needs to be a fairly fast and frustration free process, and that’s what Place2Go is.

Final ratings

Usefulness 9/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 9/10
Design 9/10
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