The World of Magic
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The World of Magic
The World of Magic
The World of Magic
The World of Magic
The World of Magic
The World of Magic
The World of Magic
The World of Magic

Review The World of Magic

Sergei Petrov
The World of Magic - it's a typical Korean MMORPG for mobile operating systems from the studio Com2uS, whom we know from such interesting games such as Swing Shot and Magic Tree . Also, developers have an exciting series of RPG - Inotia 4 , which probably formed the basis for a new game.
The plot of The World of Magic is quite banal and ordinary. There are two forces that are in constant conflict and hostility. First - this Imer Siras, led by the young emperor Canos, and the kingdom Lanos, which is trying to maintain its independence under King Robert.


Before starting the game, you should decide on what server you are going to play. On an ongoing basis, in The World of Magic is more than 10 thousand people, so it was created 5 servers. Most of the Russian people had gathered on the server "Caligo" and plays for a fraction "Lanos", here you just explain everything, take the guild and help you learn the basics.
Control of the game is very simple and familiar for anyone who has ever played in the mobile RPG. There is an arrow to move around, the button for the attack buttons for skills and special items.
In the classic version, the game is reduced to geimpley perform simple quests, which you can get the pump level and participate already in serious battles against your enemies. The game has a total of three classes - warrior, archer and mage, but due to a large number of skills and capabilities to decide what to pump performance, you can make your own unique character.


  • Large number of interesting locations;
  • 5 servers and over 10 thousand regular players;
  • Ability to create clans, guilds and engage in battles;
  • Joint campaign;
  • Ability to establish and develop a pet;
  • Three unique class with the individual pumping;
  • More than 500 items of weapons, armor, etc.
To help you get bored doing quests, you can take as a companion pet, as well as a live player. Overall, the game world is very large and rich, and found an empty meadow is very difficult, because the world is obviously crowded, and it is his only benefit.
The disadvantages include the game fairly simple graphics, and general clutter the interface. True, the last point is relevant, especially for smartphones, the tablet game is very comfortable.


The World of Magic - is a fun multiplayer game, which is more simple and free alternative Order & Chaos. In general, if you have free time and the desire to discover a new world of magic, this game will leave you a very warm experience.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 8/10
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