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Chicken Fighters
Chicken Fighters
Chicken Fighters
Chicken Fighters
Chicken Fighters
Chicken Fighters
Chicken Fighters
Chicken Fighters

Review Chicken Fighters

Kevin Vadala
Good amount of costumes
Menus are slow and cubersome
Chicken Fighters for Android is a strange game that makes you into a chicken fighter. First you hatch an egg (you even get to choose its color!) and then you are well onto your way. In the game you fight other chickens. Of course these battles are automated, did you expect any actual gameplay? Oh silly you!. When you aren’t fighting chickens, you will spend a majority of time buying items for your chicken, messing with stats, or just trying to get the laggy game to work.
My experience with Chicken Fighters wasn’t ideal. The game just feels SLOW. Going through the menus is a huge hassle, and every time you need to do something there's like billboard notification panel that comes up and gets in the way. When I finally got to the available weapons, (a carrot) I couldn’t even figure out how to buy it for a long time. For a game that feels based on menu-based gameplay, it was extremely frustrating.
I don’t get things about these games. The whole game is built around making your chicken look cool or have good weapons, but the actual combat is horrible. Why do I care what my chicken looks like if I can’t barely do anything with him. I feel like most of the people that will enjoy this game have been raised on similar mobile games. In a game like World of Warcraft, I can spend hours customizing my avatar because I can do things with him, and I feel a connection to him. In this game, I look like a damn ridiculous chicken!
Chicken Fighters uses the overused chicken-man as it’s main concept and design. I’m not a fan of that, the automated combat, or the clunky menus. If you are in love with chickens and love customizing things without actually getting to do things, you might like this game. Maybe.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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