Pyramid Solitaire Saga
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Pyramid Solitaire Saga
Pyramid Solitaire Saga
Pyramid Solitaire Saga
Pyramid Solitaire Saga
Pyramid Solitaire Saga
Pyramid Solitaire Saga
Pyramid Solitaire Saga
Pyramid Solitaire Saga

Review Pyramid Solitaire Saga

Brandon Girod
Fun twist on solitaire
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Pyramid Solitaire Saga for Android is a game not actually about solitaire. Don’t let it confuse you. I did and I lost the first time I played it. I mean, sure, the original concept is there. You’ve got to match cards together in numerical order, but only to a small extent. And instead of creating 4 decks of perfectly sorted cards, you’re trying to capture golden cards and kill scarabs. Or something.
Regardless of how confusing that all might sound, the game is pretty fun. The general gist is that you’ve got a number of cards you can draw from, and then there are several other cards arranged on the board. The cards are arranged in patterns and in stacks. You draw one card and the only thing you can do is capture a card that’s either one number above or below the card in your hand. You continue this path, strategically, until you’ve captured all of the golden cards.
I found this game to be based on luck just as much as it was based on strategy. There were definitely hands that I would never have been able to get 3 stars with (the number of stars depend on reaching certain point thresholds). And there were also times where I only got three stars because I carefully placed each card just right, and was lucky to boot. Win or lose, I was still motivated to keep playing much like I would in a game of normal solitaire.
Pyramid Solitaire Saga is a unique twist on the idea of solitaire. Even though the game is largely luck based, I never really felt like I was duped out of a win. The graphics, sound, and performance were top notch.

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Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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Why is it not downloadable for kindle fire
Tariq Abdulla
Kindle get apps through the amazon app store, and I guess it just hasn't been made available there. There are some similar solitaire games available though,
Michelle Landes
Michelle Landes29 Jan 2015, at 02:46Samsung Galaxy S4 Active
I upgraded my device and can't change it on my account.  You have the wrong phone listed!!
Vlad Popa
Do you mean the wrong device is listed on our website or on Google Play?
For our website: You should be able to change the device you are using from your profile (click the profile icon at the top right corner of the screen) and the device you have should be listed on the left side of the screen, under your picture. Holding your mouse above the device should display a small X which will delete it and enable you to add a new one from the search bar, also located in the same spot.
For Google Play: As long as you log in with the same Google Account on all your devices including PC it should detect the device. When attempting to install an app the pop-up window will allow you to select which device you wish to install to.
Please let me know if you require more assistance.
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