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PegGoo Pop
PegGoo Pop
PegGoo Pop
PegGoo Pop
PegGoo Pop
PegGoo Pop
PegGoo Pop
PegGoo Pop

Review PegGoo Pop

Kevin Vadala
Fun tubes
Choppy framerates, boring gameplay
PEGGOO POP for Android is a game that feels like if skeeball and bust a move had a free to play baby. In the game, you pet a baby and cuddle it. The happier the babier is, the better your score! Just kidding of course! (What’s that? You want that game?) Oh well, PEGGOO POP has aiming mechanics that you use to shoot a ball around or through other little bubbles with your end goal being tubes straight out of Mario, except they aren’t green. Different tubes have different points amounts.
PEGGOO POP feels laggy. That's something we need to get out of the way. For a game that should feel fast paced and quick by nature, its very disappointing and it almost feels unplayable. The framerate constantly stutters, and everything in the game feels like slow motion, or delayed. Tilting my phone was very hard to do, because there was such a noticeable delay I couldn’t tell if I was tilting the phone for a second ago or it was reacting to what I was doing.
Now if the gameplay wasn’t so choppy, I’m still pretty sure I wouldn't be in love with it. The game is remarkably easy and I didn’t feel interested in doing well when I played the game. On one level I killed the bubbles that were in my way and just dropped my ball three times into the center tube to see if I could see get three stars. You bet I did. Easiest three stars of my life!
Now when you don’t abuse gimicky mechanics, things take a little bit longer. The bubbles in the game are very bouncy but only feel annoying because they get in the way so much. When the ball hits them there are colorful little confetti things and sound effects, but I didn’t care. I just wanted to go into the tubes. THE TUBES!
PEGGOO POP is a game that might make you go crazy, like it has done to me. For some reason, whether through the amount of capitalization in the game’s title, or the sheer lackluster and cheap arcade gameplay, nothing has felt the same since playing the game. Will it change your life? Yes. Will it be a good change? That I cannot say.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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