Go Kart Go! Ultra!
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Go Kart Go! Ultra!
Go Kart Go! Ultra!
Go Kart Go! Ultra!
Go Kart Go! Ultra!
Go Kart Go! Ultra!
Go Kart Go! Ultra!
Go Kart Go! Ultra!
Go Kart Go! Ultra!

Review Go Kart Go! Ultra!

Kevin Vadala
Works good
No innovative gameplay dynamics
Go Kart Go! Ultra! for Android is what you would get if a company tried to make Mario Kart for mobile phones. Except its not as polished, fun, and it doesn’t contain the same sort of attractive style that Mario Kart has.
Lets talk about gameplay first. Go Kart Go has all of the basic things that a kart game should have. There is drifting, power ups, speed ups, a host of wacky characters, and a variety in level design. The drifting in the game doesn’t feel as smooth as I would have liked, as something about it feels blocky and a little choppy. In a lot of the Mario Kart games drifting feels really good, almost overpowered, but it never feels smooth in this game even if you can use it sometimes to your advantage.
The power ups in the game are pretty standard fare with bombs and a host of other small things, but nothing really stuck out to me or amazed me. The effects are pretty funny as racers get blown up very high but like the drifting, explosions and other happenings seem to slow down the game and their effect radius can sometimes be way too generous or powerful. Sometimes you can literally stop a whole time with the correctly placed weapon.
Levels look decent, and the cartoony style of the game feels good. There isn’t too much detail in the textures, but everything looks smooth, bright, and colorful. It reminds me of how a game might have felt on the N64.
Go Kart Go feels like a very standard game in all aspects. There aren’t too many grievances about the game, but nothing about it innovates - which isn’t a good thing given the date and release of this application. Unfortunately, games like this have been on the app store ever since it was made, and this might have been one of the first games that have come out years ago. It needs something to stand out, but I haven’t found it yet.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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