Lost Twins - A Surreal Puzzler
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Lost Twins - A Surreal Puzzler
Lost Twins - A Surreal Puzzler
Lost Twins - A Surreal Puzzler
Lost Twins - A Surreal Puzzler
Lost Twins - A Surreal Puzzler
Lost Twins - A Surreal Puzzler
Lost Twins - A Surreal Puzzler
Lost Twins - A Surreal Puzzler

Review Lost Twins - A Surreal Puzzler

Brandon Girod
Great pacing, fun level design and progression that kept the game interesting
They've got plenty of ads to show you
Lost Twins - A Surreal Puzzler for Android is a delightful puzzle game that’s fun for kids and adults alike. You play as a set of twins that start off in different parts of each level. You can swap between each of them, and the idea is to get them both to the exit.
I actually had a lot of fun with this game because it took some thinking, but wasn’t overly taxing. Plus it was a game I knew my kids would like too. You control each twin individually and the controls are really responsive. I was never frustrated by them, and the game ran smoothly.
The levels are made of 3 puzzle pieces and connect to each other in certain ways. Finding how they connect to traverse the level is part of the puzzle, but there is also a hidden puzzle piece and 3 stars to collect along the way. As you progress through the stages the game throws in other gameplay elements to add a bit more to each level’s design. I felt that the pace was really comfortable for me, and would probably be challenging enough to keep any child occupied for a while.
Lost Twins - A Surreal Puzzler has a cool art style, an interesting premise, and responsive controls. That’s pretty much the perfect ingredients for any good game. I liked the pacing and never found myself frustrated. The game ran well and level progression was entertaining enough to keep my interest for quite a long play session, which is somewhat rare for most mobile games. My only complaint is that, while the ads aren’t intrusive, they take every opportunity to throw them at you.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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