Can You Escape 3
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Can You Escape 3
Can You Escape 3
Can You Escape 3
Can You Escape 3
Can You Escape 3
Can You Escape 3
Can You Escape 3
Can You Escape 3
Can You Escape 3

Review Can You Escape 3

Vlad Popa
Decent environments, simple controls
Some puzzles can be skipped entirely, bores you really quickly
Can You Escape 3 is a Room Escape game turned into a 2D puzzle. Players must solve a series of puzzles in each room in order to unlock the elevator and progress to the next one.
Each room is designed to be as unique as possible, reflecting the personality of its absent tenant and are filled with themed puzzles. The home of a game enthusiast may hide its answers in a board game, while an archeologist’s puzzles may revolve around hidden clues in the form of artifacts. Each room is presented as a series of 2D screens that contain interactive objects hidden within the environment. The player must collect or sometimes unlock these objects to use on their own or in combination with other hidden parts in order to form the solution.
While each room is unique the predominant art and layout styles remain constant throughout the game. The main scene with an elevator at its center is almost identical to all its counterparts. Tapping on specific spots of the main scene will direct the user to a different view of a smaller area thus allowing for a closer inspection and will help to identify smaller details.
Overall Can You Escape 3 for Android is a decent brain teaser, though puzzles range from amusing challenges all the way to ridiculously obvious. In some cases it was even possible to find a workaround that circumvented half the level simply by becoming frustrated and tapping on everything I could see. This combined with the lack of story and the 2D environments are sure to turn away some users; however those looking for a moderate challenge and a bunch of puzzles to solve are sure to get a kick out of this game.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 5/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 6/10
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Josephinesmith2016gmail.com27 Jul 2015, at 14:53
I would to know how to not have commercials on my app games
Tariq Abdulla
depending on the game, you may be able to pay a small fee to buy a "premium" version, without any ads
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