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Review QKSMS

Kevin Vadala
Unique features, beautiful design, simple but innovative
QKSMS for Android is a simplistic texting application that has paved the way for great looking texting on Android devices. It first came out awhile ago, and I was lucky enough to help test it in Beta before it was released. The basic function of the app feels very similar to as it did in Beta, but everything works now and is more polished. When it comes down to it, QKSMS is one of the most gorgeous looking texting apps on the play store, and it has cool features to boot!
Right from the start of installing QKSMS (stands for Quick SMS), you can tell you will have a lot of customization available. You can pick a variety of dashing colors for the app, and then you are shown the quick SMS feature inside the app that lets you reply to a text even when you are doing something else on your phone. This is a great feature, and one that is becoming more popular even in other apps.
From the main texting page with your recent texts, its mostly a white background and the color your picked. Conversations are given that color as a background with white text, while on the main page the text is black. Whatever color scheme you chose, and customize, it’ll look great. In the settings tab, you can change a lot of the colored options like a tinted status bar, tinted navigation bar, and even night mode! There is also a super cool option called pure black background which enables pure black on AMOLED displays to save battery. The black as a background looks super slick!
If you want to support the developer QKSMS is available to purchase which gives you automatic night mode to save your eyes at night. I actually like night mode on all the time, except maybe when I’m outside.
QKSMS is a beautiful app with a ton of useful features. It was even one of the first apps with push bullet integration that let you respond to texts from your computer. It’s a pioneer in a lot of ways which is great because the developer is young and passionate.

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Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 10/10
Design 10/10
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