Piktures - Photo Album Gallery
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Piktures - Photo Album Gallery
Piktures - Photo Album Gallery
Piktures - Photo Album Gallery
Piktures - Photo Album Gallery
Piktures - Photo Album Gallery
Piktures - Photo Album Gallery
Piktures - Photo Album Gallery

Review Piktures - Photo Album Gallery

Brandon Girod
Beautifully designed, improved functionality, organizes itself with filters
It only offers a grid view
Piktures - Photo Gallery App for Android can be summed up in one word: stunning. Yeah, yeah, it’s only a gallery app. But it’s the only gallery app that I’ve ever been excited to actually use. This is because the app’s design itself is beautifully unique, and because the functionality gives the user a vastly superior experience to the stock gallery app.
The design is literally mouth watering. The top of each album has a slightly blurred album cover along with the name of the album and the number of photos. As you scroll down the animation as the cover disappears is silky smooth, and the rest of your pictures are simply displayed by the thumbnails of the tiles.
Instead of being faced with several thumbnails of your albums, they’re actually hidden behind the menu button, or you can simply swipe right. Here the albums are displayed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. Swiping right one more time will give you options on how to support the developers. This is important to me because the devs didn’t push this information in front of you. In fact, most people probably wouldn’t even know it’s there because it’s hidden behind two gesture swipes.
Swiping left brings you filters. You can filter by location, by pictures only, and by videos only. I found this to be incredibly useful because I often would rather backup any videos I take to the cloud because they take up so much storage on my phone, and this app automatically organizes them together for me.
I found Piktures - Photo Gallery App to be leagues better than the stock gallery app I was using before. The design is gorgeous, the functionality is practical, and it’s an app I’ll definitely be keeping on my phone.

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Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 9/10
Design 10/10
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