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Review Diaro

Vlad Popa
Cloud backup through Dropbox, app can be password locked, simple and efficient
Free version features ads, could use more text editing features
As digital alternatives to paper have become more and more common app developers have tried harder and harder to recreate the writing experience on smart devices as alternatives to paper. Diaro - diary, journal, notes is designed to replace diaries and notebooks in day to day use. The app allows users to create as many pages/notes as they desire by using the friendly interface that the app offers.
Creating a note is simple, yet well thought. Users are presented with a notebook like interface, with text input fields for the title and body. Once done writing, users can add notes in custom folders and even attach their own tags to them to allow for better classification.
The Diaro - diary, journal, notes for Android introduces a number of useful little features that may be invaluable to some or may pass unnoticed by others. Arguably, the most useful among these is the ability to sync all everything written within the app with Dropbox. Thus, if a user has a Dropbox account he is able to save and backup everything to the cloud. Additional features include a customizable interface and even the possibility to add a reminder in case a long time has passed without a new entry. Upgrading to the PRO version opens up additional features and even allows for the removal of ads.
Overall it is a great app for notes and more so for users who love to write down all their thoughts and musings at the end of the day. It still lacks the satisfying feeling that only writing with pen and paper can deliver, but it does offer some great functionality in the attempt to make up for it.

Final ratings

Usefulness 8/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 7/10
Design 9/10
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