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League of Evil
League of Evil
League of Evil
League of Evil
League of Evil
League of Evil

Review League of Evil

Sergei Petrov
League of Evil - this is a very interesting and complex platformer from studio Noodlecake, we know the game HueBrix . All games of the company made in a single 8-bit style, and the "League of Evil" is no exception. Pixel art is not to say that the game looks shabby, it is not, and this can be verified by testing the game in person, the more that it, for the most part, free.
The game's plot is simple and trivial. The planet Earth was formed a group of scientists, which calls itself the "League of Evil". They began to develop a secret weapon that could destroy the entire planet. We as a special agent to infiltrate a secret laboratory and kill all the scientists.


Control of the game is very simple and consists of only four buttons - forward, backward, jump and kick. As special moves we have a double jump and the ability to cling to the wall, jumping around her.
The main task in each level - is to run a small maze with many obstacles and kill another professor. The game is given only one life, so if you happen to fall off or do not have time to turn away from the bullet, you have to start the level again. But that's OK, because all the levels are very short, and, ideally, are traversed in less than a minute. To collect three stars to complete the level for your time and find the secret suitcase.
Also, when we die and start the level over again, appears on the screen, not only we, but also our shadow from the past the level at which we can follow up to her murder. It is very convenient to the case not to forget where you are killed, especially when the level is held for 5 or 10 times.
The game is designed for hardcore players, or at least to those who passed on Mario 20 level.

Features League of Evil for Android:

  • More than 160 diverse levels in several campaigns;
  • Amusing acrobatics and a lot of interesting obstacles;
  • Pleasant pixel art (especially the effect on the beheading of the enemy);
  • Retro-style, and appropriate music.
Important! Although the game and is available in free and paid versions, they differ by only 10 levels. Thus, buying the paid version only makes sense if you want to support the developer ruble, and if the game you are very like it.
Summary. League of Evil - this is a great example of how you can beat a classic retro style in a modern way. If you are looking for a good and entertaining platform for Android, then this game - one of the top contenders.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 10/10
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