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Amazing Brick
Amazing Brick
Amazing Brick
Amazing Brick
Amazing Brick
Amazing Brick
Amazing Brick
Amazing Brick

Review Amazing Brick

Brandon Girod
Challenging gameplay, gorgeously simple art design
Questionable hit boxes
Amazing Brick for Android is another game in the endless genre to try and sink its teeth into the giant cash cow. It shares a lot of similarities with other games in the genre, but is kind of beautiful in its simple design.
The game is just as frustrating as the first time I tried my hand at Flappy Bird. The objective is to juggle a brick in the air, avoiding all the obstacles as you climb higher and higher. The controls are simple. If you need to go right then you tap right. Likewise, if you need to go left, you tap left. It’s that simple. You can control how far you jump up, and I swear if you’re directly under another brick then you’ll actually jump higher just to spite the player. That’s totally unsubstantiated, but I swear it happens.
If you need to take a break it comes with a pause feature. And it keeps track of your score depending on what gates you pass. These are nothing more than elongated bricks that are harder to jump through. Level design is simple enough. It’s just about getting the rhythm and knowing how high the brick will truly jump.
I found the game frustrating, but I think that’s just a byproduct of the genre. One aspect of the game I didn’t like were the ads. I don’t mind ads, but these were intrusive. They would pop up when you think you’d be tapping to play the game, so there were plenty of times I opened an ad completely by accident. I’m not a fan of obtrusive ads, and you shouldn’t be either.
Overall, Amazing Brick is a fun game you can play on the bus or while you’re standing in line. It’s frustrating, but exceedingly rewarding when you beat your best score.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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