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Review Skout

Kevin Vadala
Gives users control
Ego driven app, feels gimmicky
Skout for Android is another dating app for mobile use that lets you look around the area and see potential partners. Inside the app you can chat, give little gifts, make status updates, and a few other things that seem mostly based on microtransactions or extras.
All of your potential matches are laid out in a huge list. Their pictures are shown side by side and you can look at their profile further by tapping on their picture and seeing their latest activity. It’s funny in a way because you can see other guys hitting on girls and their reactions. While funny, it also feels kind of petty. In fact, a lot of things about this app feel that way- from the amount of views on a profile, to profile likes, it really feels like a popularity contest in a strange sort of way. Because of these features, there is a community behind the app that interacts in status updates called “buzzes” and I saw a few users calling out other Skout users for complaining about being bored with the app. Perhaps this added element of group socialization hasn’t benefited the app as much as made toxic behavior more spreadable.
A lot of the dating apps on the app store feel very similar to eachc other and they all mostly work the same way. If I had to chose one, I probably wouldn’t choose Skout. I didn’t get good vibes from buzzes, the girls didn’t look as cute (I might attribute this to users on Tinder being bots) and the system to find matches seemed to mostly involve manual searching. That's good in a way, as you can be more picky and find a lot of girls at once, but the whole thing doesn’t feel as clean or easy - but that doesn’t mean its as effective. Overall though, I think Tinder’s clean and effective UI has drawn more users in than Skout - thereby making it more effective just because of it’s larger user base which can provide more matches.
Skout for Android is another dating app with a lot of users but the community doesn’t seem that great, and a lot of the things integrated into the app like gifts or popularity stats don’t feel relevant as a dating platform. Mostly services exist to make people inflate their ego even more.

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Usefulness 6/10
Usability 7/10
Originality 7/10
Design 7/10
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