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iFighter 1945
iFighter 1945
iFighter 1945
iFighter 1945
iFighter 1945
iFighter 1945
iFighter 1945
iFighter 1945
iFighter 1945
iFighter 1945
iFighter 1945
iFighter 1945

Review iFighter 1945

Sergei Petrov
iFighter 1945 - a new game in the classic genre of aerial shooters, which enjoyed great popularity in the old consoles. Over time, the genre started to die, until they came to market mobile platforms. As it turned out, this type of game is perfectly suited to play on the smartphone.
In this game we are going to manage combat fighter and fight against the Nazi attack on their secret headquarters. Naturally, we will be against the vast majority of enemies, both air and ground. But do not lose heart, because on our side of the skills, speed, agility, and a great mission.

Features iFighter 1945 for Android:

  • 5 different types of aircraft;
  • 3 levels of difficulty;
  • 4 modes of operation of the aircraft;
  • 8 large and playable missions with bosses at the end of each level;
  • Attractive graphics and dynamic soundtrack.
Geimpley will be clear to everyone who has ever played in such games. Our plane is automatically continuous attack from machine guns, and we are required to constantly maneuver, dodging bullets, and shoot down enemy ground and air units.
With padded enemies we will get stars and medals (player points), and various bonuses that can strengthen us. Most of the bonus - a pair of small planes, satellites, shooting a single attack, and strengthening the arms, which gives our attack random properties (scattering shots, more damage, etc.).
As a global "superudarov" we have the ability to call (press the red button), a large-scale bombing of the entire area. But it is better to protect the opportunity for the most extreme cases.


We would also like to note that the experience and the complexity of the game also vary depending on your choice of control. The default mode is activated by the fourth (Relative), in which we simply are leading finger on the screen and the plane moves along with it. For example, in the mode of "Motion" we control plane by tilting the device, and it is a completely different gaming experience. Lovers of classical music at all can activate the virtual joystick.
Summary. iFighter 1945 - is a real gift for fans of the classic air combat shooters. As a gift is that you can download the game absolutely free and play it without any restrictions. Developers earn on your desire to buy a more powerful aircraft, which will be much easier to play, but you can do without it, relying solely on his agility.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 10/10
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