Stunt Guy 2.0
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Stunt Guy 2.0
Stunt Guy 2.0
Stunt Guy 2.0
Stunt Guy 2.0
Stunt Guy 2.0
Stunt Guy 2.0
Stunt Guy 2.0
Stunt Guy 2.0

Review Stunt Guy 2.0

Kevin Vadala
Good controls, good point system
Same game design as many others
Stunt Guy 2.0 for Android is a car racing game where you avoid other cars. The game stands above from the crowd because of its car avoiding mechanics that provide multiple ways to play the game.
When I was first trying out Stunt Guy I thought that hitting cars from the back of them gave me points. It did, but it also slowly made my car more and more damaged. This meant that after hitting 5 or so cars, my character struggling to stay on the car ended up getting thrown off the car and sliding across the street, leaving a bloody trail (its funny that there is such a detailed death animation)..
That's when I understood that I wasn’t suppose to hit the cars. Why then did I earn points? Luckily, at this point I decided to try the normal arcade mode that actually introduced the mechanics to me. Whoops! I guess challenge mode wasn’t the mode to start on..
To maximize point potential, you have to push cars off the road and make them crash without doing damage to your own car. These means that you have to weave in and out of cars but you also have the option to push them aside, or hit them from behind if you are desperate. The system doesn’t feel punishing, but instead dynamic. Coupled with polished controls (you tap on arrows to go right or left and your car reacts well with its swerve movements), the game really feels fun.
Stunt Guy 2.0 doesn’t innovate with its premise of the game, but it controls so well and plays so well that I think its a great app to download. Check it out if you love racing through cars, and an over-the-top soundtrack.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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