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Review Janetter

Sergei Petrov
In light came another twitter client called Janetter, which has already gained a large audience of fans on both Windows and Mac. And if for iOS already have an ideal client TweetBot, its version for Android severely delayed, which gives developers a chance to trample down the most active audience that social network.
By any modern twitter client presents a huge list of requirements. It should be easy, neat, functional and, of course, easy to use. Here is a little of everything, that's just the program reached a few weeks ago, and is still "raw", but the prospect is already visible.

The main advantages of Janetter:

  • Convenient sidebar with the basic functions and the ability to quickly switch accounts;
  • Updating a feed habitual pulling gesture;
  • Several options for updating tape using "plus". For example, you can remove all read and download new tweets immediately perepygnut to new or completely restart all;
  • Support for multi-accounts, without having to switch to check the number of new tweets;
  • Ability to save your favorite tweets;
  • Delayed send tweets and more.
Another of the interesting features that support Janetter, - a mode of silence (Mute). You can add any key words, for example, "Pussy Riot, Navalny" and disappear from your tape all tweets that mention these people, events, etc. Moreover, the filter can be applied both to a specific account, and to one person. It is very easy to do during the information boom that you absolutely uninteresting. Obvious example - it's hundreds and thousands of meaningless tweets about "iPhone 5", although everything is already all know about him.
It should also be said about the design of the program. Tweets are displayed with thumbnails beautiful in pictures, but if retweet, the avatar appears next to another avatar minimatyurnaya someone who was retvitnuta record. In the settings, you can switch the interface from white to black (night) theme.
Summary. Janetter - is another ambitious bid for the best Twitter client for Android. From the developer or not - is too early to judge, since the application until it is very damp. However, this is a pretty good alternative to the standard Twitter and popular today TweetCaster .
Paid version has no advertising banner and the ability to create up to 7 accounts (in the free - up to three). The paid version costs 237 rubles, which is quite expensive. Advised to wait probably a month Janetter will cost half the price.

Final ratings

Usefulness 8/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 6/10
Design 8/10
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