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Adventure Xpress
Adventure Xpress
Adventure Xpress
Adventure Xpress
Adventure Xpress
Adventure Xpress
Adventure Xpress
Adventure Xpress

Review Adventure Xpress

Tariq Abdulla
Perfect soundtrack, lots of levels, exciting game play, really addictive, unusual game play
Too easy at the start
Adventure Xpress for Android takes the match 3 puzzle and the RPG quest, and smashes them together. The result is funny, beautiful, original and addictively fun.
The two styles of gameplay complement each other perfectly. Match 3 games are fun, but often lack purpose or a storyline to keep you going. RPG games are all about building a story, but often lacking in dynamic gameplay. With Adventure Xpress, you have it all.
You play a messenger delivering letters between kings, via a series of waypoints. The map is huge, with hundreds of levels, and several different landscapes to work through. At each waypoint you battle with a monsters. And how do you fight the monsters? By matching runes together of course! The points you score in a go correspond to the strength of your attack. Unlike other match 3 games, you don't have to match in every go, so you can make tactical moves. But your opponent will attack you in each turn.
There are some other cool subtleties. Different types of beast will be attacked less strongly by a particular type of rune. You buy weapons, armour and spells to upgrade your character between levels. The spells correspond to the runes, and need to be charged by collecting a particular color. Once spells are charged you can use them in addition to your normal turn based attacks.
It's the details from the amusing weapons; to the cool and unusual looking beasts; to the funny informal tone of the letters between kings; to the backing music - a delightfully upbeat Irish jig; that make Adventure Xpress an absolute pleasure to play.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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