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Review FullBlast

Kevin Vadala
Good controls, funny looking aliens
Very short
FullBlast for Android is a tight little arcade shooter that challenges you to shoot down the alien ships that threaten your own ship’s life. You control a blue technological looking ship against the alien’s more sea-shell looking ships. The game only lasts one level, but its a fairly lengthy level - if not overly dynamic or challenging.
FullBlast looks and feels pretty decent. The gun mechanics aren’t as satisfying as I would have liked because there's not much to grow with. You auto-shoot simply as you move around by dragging your finger to move your ship or tapping to move it quicker. The laser fire is standard red, and the enemy's fire usually consists of blue dots that spray at you from varying angles.
As I was saying before, there aren’t many upgrades to your weapon mechanics. You simply find upgrade one and you shoot faster, or somewhat stronger. The fire color doesn’t change, and the sound doesn’t change either. The upgrades really aren’t satisfying at all. They make what would feel like a cool upgrade simply something that gets the job done easier as spaceships break apart quicker. Thats really the best part about these games is the feeling that you have become more powerful. But this game doesn’t even give you the weapon upgrades for that long, because you lose them on a time limit.
The graphics in the game look good but they are a little boring. Everything has a dull grey look, even though the buildings, ships, and ground elements feel relatively sharp and polished.
The free version is really only the first level, and as such, can be considered as a small demo. You should be able to get past the first level without dying too much, as there isn’t much weapon fire from the aliens that is exceptionally hard to dodge. Gratefully, there isn’t much aggressive ads either to impede your progress.
FullBlast is a good game that doesn’t take many risks. The result is a decent shooter without any flair or reward. There isn’t enough within the download to encourage playing past this demo version.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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