Great Big War Game
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Great Big War Game
Great Big War Game
Great Big War Game
Great Big War Game
Great Big War Game
Great Big War Game

Review Great Big War Game

Sergei Petrov
Great Big War Game - a true gift to all fans of turn-based strategy. In this game we have to participate in an interesting battle between red and blue generals, using all methods of struggle.
This game is full length and breadth of humor, all animation, rendering and facial expressions of characters cause a kind smile, despite the fact that the real war is unfolding. The game comes out in English, but it is suspected that soon it will also acquire the Russian translation, because the game is more popular in the Russian-speaking region, and the developers it will not be able to ignore.


Gameplay is simple and straightforward. Each level is a large map that is divided into cells, which can be moved. Each unit (soldiers, tanks, etc.) there are a number of passages which he can do in one day. When we select a unit, then we can see how far he can go. In addition to its speed, the soldiers can perform one action, usually shot.
The situation is complicated by the fact that the whole terrain is not uniform, but has a lower elevation, and which impose limitations and sometimes give advantages. When we do all the moves, for all the units, it will be possible to finish the course and comes into play opponent.
In addition to the movement and shooting there is also economic elements, the ability to rebuild the base, recruit needed soldiers, capture enemy point move in transportation and many other tactical elements.

Features Great Big War Game:

  • Intuitive control;
  • High-quality graphics;
  • Funny characters;
  • 50 missions in a single company;
  • Possibility to play Online;
  • Joint player on the same device (go and tell);
  • A huge amount of humor, and more.
The only drawback the game at the moment - is the lack of Russian. The rest is a reference-based strategy for Android, which stands out of other games its ridiculous. That there is only one dance general after winning a battle.
Summary. Great Big War Game - a very interesting and thought-out strategy with a variety of features and good emphasis on tactics. Great game, which is not only pleasant to pass single-player campaign, but just play with random players in the Online.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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Sorry ouya but I'll stick to my ps3 I just returned back your system after seeing all the games are going to come out..I just cannot believe what all the fuss about your systemit's like buying an old Nintendowith the graphics you guys have.
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