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osmino Wi-Fi
osmino Wi-Fi
osmino Wi-Fi
osmino Wi-Fi
osmino Wi-Fi
osmino Wi-Fi
osmino Wi-Fi
osmino Wi-Fi
osmino Wi-Fi

Review osmino Wi-Fi

Kevin Vadala
Creative idea
Idea kind of falls flat, not as useful as promised
Osmino Wifi for Android is an app that lets you see nearby wifi. You can access different viewing options for the wifi through a tab system or an icon system at the bottom of the app. There are hotspots on the map, augmented reality, networks and accesses, and an ad blocker (this lets you turn off the ads for the app for 5 bucks - which is kind of expensive). Each one of the tabs has an icon that you can see in the tabs that rests at the bottom of the screen. Below that is the 5 dollar ad.
Seeing the wifi spots on the map works pretty well and I can see it being useful. There are a bunch of green dots in San Francisco, and you can zoom in to make them more easy to find. I was disappointed to find you can’t tap that location and open it up in Google Maps or something. For some of the green dots there also isn’t much information available.
The augmented reality feature is a cool addition, and it could be potentially useful. You hold up your phone and you can see a small radar type thing on your camera. It shows a small dot where the wifi spot is.
The networks and accesses tab just simply shows what type of networks are available. The speed test is a very useful feature that almost could be an app alone, and I’m sure people might glance over it without tapping the orange little icon at the bottom (for some reason it doesn’t have its own tab).
Overall, I wasn’t extremely impressed with the way Osmino Wifi worked. It seems like it could be useful to an extent, but its not as powerful as I had hoped. This could be due to developer limitation or that the technology would be very hard to implement.
Osmino Wifi is good for finding nearby Wifi, but don’t expect any miracles or quick easy solutions.

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Usefulness 7/10
Usability 7/10
Originality 7/10
Design 7/10
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