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Pool Break
Pool Break
Pool Break
Pool Break
Pool Break
Pool Break
Pool Break
Pool Break

Review Pool Break

Sergei Petrov
Pool Break - it is a set of games on species pool. All games have a quality 3D-graphics and easy control, which can be sorted out in two minutes. A distinctive feature of the game can be called easy multiplayer, where you can find a worthy opponent for a few seconds. Also you can make a match on one device.

Variety of games in Pool Break:

  • Poole - is the most common and popular option pool in the world. In Pool Break will find all types of pool - a classic, English, straight pool and others. For each type, you can choose a gaming table - a classic rectangular or in the form of the hexagon.
  • Snooker - this type of pool is very popular in England. The point is to alternately score color and the red balls into the pockets. The winner is the one who will score the most points.
  • Kar - it's almost like billiards, only instead of balls used checkers. Checkers to score in the wells can be allocated only line in the center.
  • Krokinol - an advanced and brought to mind Chapaev. Here the main task is to shoot down all the enemy checkers from the board.
Control of the game is very convenient and easy to change. You can, for example, include a free 3D-view, or first-person view. You can hit the ball as pressing a special button (pre-fixing the force of impact) and by the gesture. On the table will show preliminary trajectory to roll the ball.
When you create a game, you can choose to play it solo or with a friend on the same device, choose the computer as an opponent to find an opponent in online or through Facebook. Also, during the single party, the game will sometimes offer to connect you to a live player. To counter against the computer has four levels of difficulty.
Summary. Pool Break - this is an excellent set of billiards for Android, which is interesting and fun to play all lovers of this pastime. Built-in multiplayer allows you to fight with other people and develop your skill pool even higher.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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