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Review ESCAPE:130XES

Tariq Abdulla
Unusual puzzles, atmospheric soundtrack, decent animation, every level brings something new
Takes too long to get challenging
ESCAPE:130XES for Android is a puzzle solving game that challenges you to unlock an endless series of safety boxes. I say 'endless' because the developers are still updating and adding new boxes to keep you interested. In any case, there are at least 50 levels to work through now.
Many of the early are really too simple, It's fair to say that the game breaks you in gently; a little too gently in fact; which may lead some to believe that the game is just too easy. But keep going, and soon you'll get to the puzzles that challenge you to think outiside of the box.
As you complete boxes, you build up a stock of 'rubies', and you can use these for revealing hints. I needed to use the hints a couple of times, but at least for now my stock of earned rubies is way more than I'm needing to unlock in-game hints. So ESCAPE:130XES is playable without in-app purchases.
The puzzles are clever, and I was impressed to see such a variety of locking mechanisms that build on this basic concept. Sometimes you'll be turning dials back and forth, or entering numbers in a keypad, or moving blocks around into the right order, or sliding open a series of bolts. Every locked box brings something different, and the large "bang" as each one swings open is a satisfying reward. Some boxes have Aztec or Egyptian themes, which adds to the general atmosphere of the game.
There isn't much of a story to ESCAPE:130XES, but I can't hold that against it. It's fun, free and well put together, with unobtrusive ads. These puzzles are very much worth your time. And if you get completely stuck further on, you can find walkthroughs for each level on youtube.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 9/10
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