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100 Doors
100 Doors
100 Doors
100 Doors
100 Doors
100 Doors
100 Doors
100 Doors

Review 100 Doors

Jay Feldman
Lots of levels
Crude design, low quality graphics, low quality animation
100 Doors for Android is another elevator escape style clone with hundreds of levels, yet little to no refinement. It’s a mediocre clone, but fans of the genre may love it all the same.
100 Doors is very crude and basic in its presentation. You are in the lobby of a building and need to get in the elevator, or in this instance, it looks like a stairwell; it really doesn't matter because it’s just a rehash of the same old game either way. There’s a brain teaser style puzzle to be solved; do it right and the doors will open and you’re off to the next level. The puzzles are pretty challenging and there’s even a guide available that gives you all the answers. It’s decent, but very dull.
The animation is very rudimentary. The graphics are crude and underdeveloped. Yup, there’s 100 levels, but for some reason that elicited more dread in the pit of my stomach than excitement. The play is just far too dry and unrefined. A static puzzle app is fine, but it still needs to be interesting, inviting and refined.
100 Doors is a perfectly competent puzzler app, but barely holds its own against more polished competitors. It looks more like a beta than a finished app. Clearly it is a labor of love and I commend the effort. If you’re addicted to this style of game, you’ll probably be more than happy to work through all the levels here. It’s decent, just utterly forgettable.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 5/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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