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Review PayPal

Kevin Vadala
Great interface, easy to use, looks good
If you don't use Paypal a lot you may not find it useful
Paypal for Android is Paypal's mobile application that lets you access Paypal very conveniently.
When I first launched the Paypal application I was very surprised by how useful it was. Immediately I grasped everything about the application because it has a very nice and rich tutorial. It’s a blend of video and interacting with the application, with it prompting you to swipe and so on. You swipe to access the menu on the left, and from there you can access Shop, Activity, Transfer, Wallet, and Settings.
The application makes it very easy to access your Paypal information with a variety of different tabs. My favorite tab is Activity, which lets you see your most recent Paypal activity such as purchases. I found this very useful for finding out about my last purchases. It’s pretty easy to see on the Paypal website as well, but it’s even more useful on the application because it shows you all of your recent purchases and very quickly at that.
In fact, most things about the application seem better and quicker, even more intuitive, than the web experience. I’ve always found the Paypal web experience a little bit finicky, but the application seems easy and the user interface has a nice modern feel about it with blue headings, a profile picture ready for you to place on in, and easy to access settings. You can even see nearby shops that accept Paypal as payment.
Paypal is a must have application if you use Paypal a lot. It’s extremely accessible, user friendly, and just plain useful.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 9/10
Design 10/10
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