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Kiwi Calendar
Kiwi Calendar
Kiwi Calendar
Kiwi Calendar
Kiwi Calendar
Kiwi Calendar
Kiwi Calendar
Kiwi Calendar
Kiwi Calendar

Review Kiwi Calendar

Kevin Vadala
A lot of events in the area are pulled into app, easily integrated with facebook and google +
Doesn't feel useful
Kiwi Calendar for Android is an application that aims event making and finding either. You can link it with your Facebook account, Google +, and even see the events in your area.
In many ways, Kiwi Calendar feels too small. The most involved part of the application was getting it to log into Facebook and Google +. Then from there you can see the days of the week at the top, the month above that, the weather below the days of the week, and then a big blank space for your events. Below that, there are tons of events depending on where you are.
I guess my Facebook friends don’t have much happening, because there has never been anything in the center of the interface. The whole point of the application relies on this social integration, but I have never been one to rely on Facebook events. Usually my friends just tell me about them! Crazy right? With that said, it’s relatively easy to create an event, and to invite guests as well inside the application.
The most interesting thing about the application is the amount of events nearby shown. I live by San Francisco, so there's a ton of things going on like concerts and the like. But these events are shown in small boxes within a slidable tab that makes it very hard to see more than a few events at a time. I think the developers could have came up with something a little more extensive and readable.
Kiwi Calendar seems like a fun idea, but I can’t help shake the feeling that it doesn’t work quite as usefully as intended. Everything seems blank about the application, but it may work really well for you if you are very Facebook oriented and you like local events in the area.

Final ratings

Usefulness 6/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 8/10
Design 8/10
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