Thief Lupin 2
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Thief Lupin 2
Thief Lupin 2
Thief Lupin 2
Thief Lupin 2
Thief Lupin 2
Thief Lupin 2
Thief Lupin 2

Review Thief Lupin 2

Tariq Abdulla
Well-balanced difficulty, exciting plot, simple controls
Relies on server connection
Thief Lupin 2 - platform puzzle runner game in which you guide the gentleman thief through a series of miniature obstacle-ridden levels. It's a one-button game, but the action performed is different for each level. Sometimes Lupin pauses his walking. Sometimes he stops until you release the button, then jumps forwards. Or jumps backwards. Or he 'hides' so that objects will move right through him. Sometimes the length of time you hold the button will determine the strength of the jump. You are shown an diagram of what action to expect at the beginning of each level.
Thief Lupin 2 is fun and addictive. Part of this lies in the atmospheric sneakiness of the theme. It's thrilling picking jumping to snatch up rubies and avoiding dangerous traps. The graphics are highly polished, and the soundtrack fits the game like a pair of luxurious black gloves. Most of the addictiveness lies in the good balance of difficulty, and the fact that the puzzles are reasonably challenging to figure out, and require good timing and judgement for stops and jumps.
The only downsides to this game is that it takes quite a while to load when you start it for the first time in a gaming session, and that's because it relies on having a data connection to the servers.
As you work through Thief Lupin 2, you unlock some other interesting characters to play as, including Frankenstein's monster, an egyptian mummy and a cat ninja. There are interesting boss levels, including count Dracula and the kraken, where you need to use the same stopping and jumping techniques to defeat them. There's a lot of interesting locations to work through and climb up, including the statue of liberty and mount Fiji. There's also some RPG elements to the game where you can upgrade various aspects of your character, but personally I just wanted to get straight into the fun of the puzzle adventures. I was able to play the game like that without problems.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10
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