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Review Authy

Kevin Vadala
Solid design
Can be hard to set up individual accounts, two factor authentication is a hassle
Authy 2-Factor Authentication for Android is an application that aims to make your security on the internet more secure. You scan QR codes provided by websites, and then the application connects to the account. Then, you can use your phone when prompted by a code to then type in a code. It makes an account work within a sort of device network, where someone couldn’t take your account unless they had your phone or other device. It’s a secure system, and the application works within this two factor authentication system. Authy’s unique platform lets you have multiple accounts at once to access your 2 factor authentication.
I’ve never been a fan of 2 factor authentication. Mostly because its a HUGE hassle to achieve for simply logging onto something quickly. Most of the accounts the application provides, I wouldn’t want to use 2 factor authentication. 2 factor authentication comes in handy for games like World of Warcraft, but even then it becomes a hassle to pull out your phone when prompted every time the account deems it necessary.
Despite my bias towards 2 factor authentication, Authy seems to be a very solid application in which to hold your system. I’ve seen some users complain that having one application holding all of this verification may in fact be less safe, and that seems true. Sometimes it’s better to spread your assets rather than hold them all in one place. But two factor authentication is already a pain, so why not make it easier?
On Authy, you simply work through the application once you provide your phone number. You get a text, and then you verify it. After this, you can start adding accounts. There are directions for the websites, and it can be quite a process. When you finally get it set up, it’s simply a matter of taking a code on your phone before the timer runs out, and then supplying it.
Authy 2-Factor Authentication is a good application for the security inclined. It uses a token system to keep all of your authentication in one convenient place.

Final ratings

Usefulness 8/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 7/10
Design 6/10
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