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Camera ZOOM FX
Camera ZOOM FX
Camera ZOOM FX
Camera ZOOM FX
Camera ZOOM FX
Camera ZOOM FX
Camera ZOOM FX

Review Camera ZOOM FX

Sergei Petrov
Thanks Camera ZOOM FX, you can activate the shutter with cotton, to capture a virtuoso stunt with burst and process for a few seconds, the finished photo, choose from over 90 effects. And it is only a small part of the functions that are capable of this application.

Shooting Modes Camera ZOOM FX:

  • Normal;
  • Stabilizer - the program calculates the time when the camera is stationary and takes a picture;
  • A timer;
  • Sound activation - you can mount the camera on a tripod and enable shooting with clapping;
  • Continuous Shooting - speed series of frames (set manually)
  • Collage - four shots fastened in one photo;
  • Time on the descent - Russian translation popular mode TimeLapse, which makes the photos manually with the specified interval, used for shooting sunrises, sunsets, blooming flowers, etc.
Of course, this camera allows you to play with the focus, exposure, flash, zoom, white balance, night mode, map grids. And there is a very pleasant moment: Camera ZOOM FX gesture support! That is, the different types of bearings can be assigned to a specific function (changing the grid, switching the focus mode, etc.).

Post-processing capabilities:

  • Large set of tools (crop, brightness, contrast, collage);
  • 10 presets (color scheme, stack, and frame);
  • 20 color filters (LOMO, film, vintage, etc.);
  • Detailed settings for each filter;
  • Distortion of pictures (fish-eye, stretching narrowing spiral);
  • Imposition of famous people in the picture (movie stars, politicians, etc.);
  • The ability to create random combinations of filters, frames and settings;
  • Create and save your own set of effects;
  • The page developer, androidslide in Google Play , you can find many free plug-ins, with additional processing.
In general, Camera ZOOM FX shows fast and stable operation, both on the weak, and the powerful devaysa. After using the camera, revealing a standard application, you want it right away and forget to remove it as a nightmare.
Major competitors and rivals:
  • Vignette - not a lot of features and amenities, but gains in speed;
  • Camera360 - beautiful, but far fewer features and lower quality;
  • ProCapture - powerful shooting modes (correlated), but the complete lack of post-processing.
Download Camera ZOOM FX can store in Google Play for 90 rubles. The big drawback is the lack of Lite or Demo version so that you can try out the software previously only bought it. Before buying, of course, look carefully video hookup to this survey, which shows how the program works live. The cost of the application is justified, his program is worth every ruble.
We can only add that Camera ZOOM FX daily by more than 400 000 000 people, and, according to popular publications Lifehacker, Gizmodo and Slashgear, - this is the best camera app for Android.
Summary. Camera ZOOM FX - this is undoubtedly the standard of similar programs. Against the background of a huge number of advantages and interesting features, minor flaws, such as the complexity of the interface seem so small and petty, that they should not even focus on. If you have a smartphone - a basic photo storage device, then this program will help to squeeze out the maximum. Five stars out of five, recommended!

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Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 10/10
Design 10/10
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nbarbour@mymts.net29 May 2017, at 08:44
I have downloaded FX Premium (paid version) to my Galaxy 10 tablet GT-P5210 and running version 4.4.2 . I now find that I cannot access my flash mode at all , in the program. It is grayed out in the settings menu. Nowhere could I find it was not compatible. Is there an update that will allow access to the flash. Otherwise the program becomes useless for my needs. 
I might mention that I also loaded the program to my cell phone initially and it works great. I am very pleased with it. 
Your advise would be appreciated.
nexus s 4
My phone camera app
Dear Sirs, How come camera in Samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 can change its focus. The lens is fixed
How come camera on Samsung galaxy tab 2. 10.1 can change its focus, meawhile tab2 10.1 doesn't have focal change, its fix.
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