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Boogey Boy
Boogey Boy
Boogey Boy
Boogey Boy
Boogey Boy
Boogey Boy
Boogey Boy

Review Boogey Boy

Vlad Popa
Interesting levels, unusual plot, simple controls
Monotonous game play
Boogey Boy is one of the darker side scrolling runner games out there. Set inside the dreams of a little boy that is afraid of the dark; the game has a theme that deeply resembles dreams that every person on the planet had at least once.
The entire gameplay is designed in such a way that it evokes deeply emotional and terrifying dreams. Almost everyone has had that nightmare where they are running from something. The little boy in the game, similar to those dreams, is being chased by the boogeyman and he runs and jumps over obstacles. When an obstacle is hit, the little boy slows down, almost running in place, just like in your dreams. In each level the player must maneuver for as long as it takes him to collect three batteries for his flashlight, because only a light source will scare away the boogeyman, but as batteries do not last long, less so in a dream, you soon find yourself running once more to collect them as a new level begins.
The levels only enhance the dreamlike state that the entire game is designed around. Everything is odd and exaggerated, at some times, even twisted. The boogeyman himself even changes shape from level to level. Each new level is a different construction, designed to play somewhat different than the previous, they are also based on a different dream.
Overall Boogey Boy for Android is a great runner game and a rather exciting experience for the user. The entire feeling of the game is amazing, due in no small part to the fact that it succeeds at creating an amazing atmosphere.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 9/10
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