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Fast Burst Camera
Fast Burst Camera
Fast Burst Camera
Fast Burst Camera
Fast Burst Camera
Fast Burst Camera

Review Fast Burst Camera

Sergei Petrov
With Fast Burst Camera you'll be able to capture the sharpest and fastest times on your smartphone camera. Developers are proud to say that this is the speed camera on the Android, iPhone and praise even close to be able to come to such a rate of fire.
Speaking of numbers, then the average smartphone program can output 30 pictures per second, and on slower devices (processors Arm V6) can squeeze about 5-10 shots, which is also pretty good. With this program, if they wanted you do not get to miss a good shot.

How to use Fast Burst Camera?

Control of the camera is very simple. If you hold down the shutter button, the camera will instantly take pictures at a speed that you will specify in the settings. By default, the camera will be removed without delay, but you can also set the interval from 1/20 to 1 second.
If you do not need continuous shooting, and you just want to catch the frame you want, you can do just to make a single press of the shutter button.
After that, your pictures will be neatly sorted into Daddy, depending on the time. That is, images are divided into mini-event, and if you are stopped for a few seconds during the shooting, the following photos are already fall into a separate folder. Pictures are stored at once, but with a delay.
The program has two interesting features: create GIF-animations, and collage. The first allows you to quickly seal a series of photographs (one event) to one animation file, which you will immediately be able to view and share with friends. Similarly, you can create a simple collage showing progress. Is very simple: just select the event, set preferences, and the program automatically will link all together.
Limitations and possibilities of the paid version:
  • Expedited preservation of photographs;
  • Zoom;
  • Focus adjustment;
  • Flash;
  • Quiet mode (in fact, the program is not making noise, you can just turn off the sound in the smartphone);
  • Lack of advertising.


Fast Burst Camera - a quality and simple program that will help all the details capture the most beautiful moments of life, it is ideal for photographing children, pets, sports, tricks and everything else. Recommended!

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 8/10
Design 10/10
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