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Review Horizon

Kevin Vadala
Good option for adults
Mostly a demo, some camera options confusingly similar
Horizon for Android aims to solve the popular problem of people videotaping vertically by forcing them to videotape horizontal, even if they are holding the phone vertical.
Horizon succeeds by its innovation alone. It’s really the first of its kind and it does so with an easy to use interface. You can use one of three options. There is rotate, which keeps one small window that is identical vertically and horizontally. Then there is flex, which naturally expands horizontally and shrinks vertically. Locked is similar to flex instead the animation is different.
While filming vertically and then switching to horizontal mid shoot, the application cleverly switches the wider viewing angle by zooming out.
Besides those three options, there is a button for flash, options to change the way you take pictures like resolution and other settings, and then also an option for your gallery.
While the application is solid, it really is a heavily enforced demo. Your footage is water marked, and then branded at the end of each clip. If you really want to use this application, you will have to purchase it.
Horizon is a useful application for those who can’t remember how to shoot videos. If you never have the common problem of filming vertically, you won’t be missing out.

Final ratings

Usefulness 6/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 10/10
Design 9/10
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