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Zoe (Beta)
Zoe (Beta)
Zoe (Beta)
Zoe (Beta)
Zoe (Beta)
Zoe (Beta)
Zoe (Beta)

Review Zoe (Beta)

Kevin Vadala
Good amount of themes
End product is bland, other apps "wow" better
Zoe for Android is an application in which you collect your photos, paste a themed song on top, and then watch a slide show of your photos. It reminds me of Magisto, but it doesn't contain any of Magisto's funny editing and amount of style.
You start out by viewing your gallery and then picking clips for your project. The interface for this section could use some work, as every single one of my pictures is lumped together. That means screenshots, downloads, and my regular camera pictures. It was a chore to sort through them all to pick pictures that went well together. After that, you can switch to the theme tab and pick a theme ranging from a black and white theme named Muro, to a more upbeat and film grainy theme Islandia.
When I viewed my completed project I couldn't help but be disappointed. Sure the music was there, and it was pleasant enough, but the application didn't really do enough to make me want to share it to my friends. Essentially it made a filtered slideshow with music.
I suppose what this application does have going for it is it's focus on social integration. The whole concept of the app screams "new" Instagram. But if the end product of the videos isn't strong enough for people to want to share, I can see the whole application falling apart. Perhaps the makers focused too much on making a viral hit, and the core foundation of the picture projects took a hit.
I also found the applications logo and design somewhat tacky. Everything seems to be teals and stripes, and no one really likes to see that much of a logo in your face with these types of applications. I think Instagram excels because it offers a free service without stuffing branding onto everything. This application doesn't take that route.
Zoe might be the app for you if you can't get enough of filters, and you have friends who like to check out potentially corny videos of your travels or boyfriend.

Final ratings

Usefulness 6/10
Usability 7/10
Originality 4/10
Design 7/10
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