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Review Boxer

Kevin Vadala
Easy to read, touch controls are slick
Some features need premium
Boxer for Android is a replacement email application for all of your email needs. It is touted as faster and superior with extra integration added into the app.
I myself have always used Gmail for my emailing needs, and as such, found it useful to have an actual Gmail application to use. I never found it slow, or to have any negative defects that would cause me to seek another email app. But for those with such problems, Boxer is a good alternative for your email.
The application has a very readable design because all the emails and messages are big. It makes everything seem more accessible, but it also limits the amount of emails at your fingertips. I think this was my main flaw with the app, as it takes a bit of reorientation to get use to the design.
The application actually has a lot of a shortcuts that you can use to make keeping track of your emails on a mobile application easier. You can swipe a message in various locations and also gesture to bring up commands like delete, spam, etc. These commands are all very handy, but might prove hard to remember. There is a good tutorial that shows you how to do everything in the beginning which is very helpful. Over time with consistent use, I could see the actions becoming more natural.
If you like to use other programs with your emails this application can also suit your needs. Most email applications seem to have similar features like multiple account support. This might be a bit inconvenient with those who have multiple email addresses.
Boxer is a refreshing new look on mobile emailing. It strides forward and takes advantage of touch commands, easy on the eyes reading, tutorials, and contains just enough simplicity to make it attractive. If you are in the market for a new email application, try it out! More features are available for a premium price.

Final ratings

Usefulness 5/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 7/10
Design 9/10
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