Zombie Judgment Day!
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Zombie Judgment Day!
Zombie Judgment Day!
Zombie Judgment Day!
Zombie Judgment Day!
Zombie Judgment Day!
Zombie Judgment Day!
Zombie Judgment Day!
Zombie Judgment Day!
Zombie Judgment Day!

Review Zombie Judgment Day!

Tariq Abdulla
Funny sounds, neat graphics, unusual plot
Boring game play
Zombie Judgement Day for Android is kind of a quest game in which the last two surviving humans team up with God to battle wave after wave of zombies. It isn't well explained in the game - but during the battles you actually play as God rather than the humans.
The humans fire automatically at the zombies attacking from both sides. You can tap on the zombies God will also "fire" at them with His staff. By killing zombies you earn coins and occasionally a "God's key", which you collect to unlock new levels. The humans have a protective shield around them, which the zombies gradually destroy. When they've destroyed the shield, you can choose whether or not God should repair it, using a certain number of God's keys.
God also has some special wrath powers, such as lightning, fireballs and flood. Wait for these to charge up before raining them down on the zombie hordes. Use collected coins to unlock new powers, upgrade the guns, upgrade the staffs etc. To begin with I thought this would be a game with a religious message; but if there is a message, it was lost on me.
Zombie Judgement Day is well presented. The graphics are cute, and the sound effects are neat. There's a "book of zombie" to help you identify different types. The awkwardness of the English is quite endearing. It's fun for a while, but the gameplay isn't that addictive, and I didn't feel much of an urge to keep going. Partly it's because there isn't any background to the story. Clearly it's a play on the Christian/Islamic belief in a last judgement (resurrection of the dead, e.g. zombies), but beyond that the scenario doesn't make any sense. Also you aren't directly battling with the zombies - you're controlling a character who Himself can not be hit. So you don't feel that involved in the action. It's OK as a timekiller, but it gets boring too quickly,

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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