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Timber Story
Timber Story
Timber Story
Timber Story
Timber Story
Timber Story
Timber Story

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Kevin Vadala
Game modes could be fun for a newcomer
Music is sounds worse than a broken record, blatant rip off of other popular games
Timber Story for Android is a game that manages to rip off three games at once and combine it into one game. Each mode of the game, whether it be logging, freighting, or building, has been taken directly from other games and changed to look slightly different. In most cases, this change hasn't done any of the games justice. Instead, what is left is similar elements from said games into a game that manages to try to connect them all seamlessly - but ultimately, fails.
Timber Story has three modes. In the logging mode, you tap the direction of a tree as fast as you can to chop down the tree but avoid branches. You have a chainsaw (instead of an axe), but no sound effects come from it, and the tree just chops. In the background, loopy country music plays. The game play mechanic of chopping down a tree is a direct copy from Timberman.
Sadly, the mechanics aren't as strong as the tree branches in this game are slightly off and cause death more often than not. For those who have never played the more fluid Timberman experience, I could see them appreciating the little mini game.
The next mode involves you driving a little car around a track where the speed slowly increases. I actually found this mini game the most fun out of the three, and since I haven't played any games directly related to it (there probably is an exact copy somewhere), I didn't feel so ripped off as I did playing the other modes. I liked drifting around corners as the speed increased.
The last mode, Building, is a different, and I mean more cheesier and campier looking version of 2048. You match logs to create numbers and so on.
All three modes create the game, and you need to do one to do another. You can also buy wood in order to play the modes you want. When I first realized how much the game copies from other games, I wondered if it could pull it off through some sort of interesting end game in which the wood you took from the first mode could actually be used in some sort of Farmville experience. Perhaps that is too ambitious, as it would require the developer to actually create something that could be called it's own.
Timber Story might be the game for you. Despite the obvious plagiarism, the modes within the game can provide some little entertainment to those unfamiliar with the mini games.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 5/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 1/10
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