Tiny Tower Vegas
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Tiny Tower Vegas
Tiny Tower Vegas
Tiny Tower Vegas
Tiny Tower Vegas
Tiny Tower Vegas
Tiny Tower Vegas
Tiny Tower Vegas

Review Tiny Tower Vegas

Kevin Vadala
Funny and charming music, great ftp model, vegas mini games are welcome addition
Endgame and long play might seem pointless
Tiny Tower Vegas for Android is the new version of Tiny Tower. In the game you move customers through elevators to floors, while you try to expand the height of your building through various shop additions. You can have casinos, food places, and more.
While the core idea of Tiny Tower essentially remains the same (the main goal is simply to make a big skyscraper while micromanaging shops), Tiny Tower Vegas introduces a few new features that make the game more interesting.
Some of the shops still have you hiring customers and filling orders, in others you can play popular Vegas games like slots, blackjack, and poker. Initially you start off only with spooky slots. When you win the slot game, thunder booms and you are awarded cash. You can use this cash in order to speed up building improvements or fill up hotel rooms. These mini games provide a more active game play experience than simply moving your customers up and down elevators while you wait for other things to finish.
I was most impressed by Tiny Towers art, sound, and general style. Like I said before, when you finish a slot game it booms with terrifying thunder. It matches the theme of spooky slots, and each little level of the tower looks great with customers moving and having different looks. There was even a zombie customer!
The music in the game is also very catchy, upbeat, and fun. While I was playing the game, my friend starting dancing to it. I thought to myself, why don't they add this music to the slots in Vegas?
Tiny Tower Vegas is a very worthy addition to the series. The game is addicting even though sometimes it feels a little pointless to build your tower. I think a next step for this game would be to create more of an endgame, with trading to other plays an option, or perhaps the ability to sabotage other players towers. With that said, the core game is excellent as the free to play model is very fair. You can get coins that you would otherwise pay for by doing missions. The tutorial gives you coins to boot, and teaches you how to play the game as well.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 10/10
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