The Tiny Bang Story
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The Tiny Bang Story
The Tiny Bang Story
The Tiny Bang Story
The Tiny Bang Story
The Tiny Bang Story

Review The Tiny Bang Story

Sergei Petrov
The Tiny Bang Story - is a new game from the developers of the studio Herocraft, which up to now produced a lot of good and popular games, but there was a game that could be called special. And it came! Meet - Tiny Bang Theory.
This game is popular today in the genre of "Hidden Object", but should not be confused with cheap imitations, which have to decide uninteresting tasks, uninteresting locations and uninteresting graphics, everything is different. Their quality of execution and the overall atmosphere is rather close game with such masterpieces as Machinarium .
Not to translate the game into Russian or any other language, the developers went for a radical measure - completely removed from the game all the inscriptions, the game in this respect completely silent, and speak to us of the emotions of the characters and atmospheric background music that deserves a special praise.

What is the "Tiny Bang Theory"?

This is a colorful game in the genre of "Hidden Object" with a lot of fun puzzles and interesting plot. Here we will gather into a whole little world, which was destroyed in the small details because of the puzzle falling asteroid.
The main part of the game we are going to search for items on the maps, which, by the way, very well hidden. In this sense, the game is anything but easy. And periodically we will meet very interesting logic puzzles. And before they unravel, you will first need to understand the rules. Do not forget that the game is not a single line, but the name of the game.
All in the game five big exciting levels, which contain more than 30 different puzzles and a huge amount of lost items. As a hint of the game by mosquitoes, which must first be collected and only then can they point you in the right direction, circled around the desired object.
Should I write about the fact that this game takes place in the same breath, and long leaves a good impression. Also, PC-version of the game is surely among the top ten downloads from the store Steam, which also says a lot.


The Tiny Bang Story - this is a very high quality and interesting game, made at the highest level. What can I say, these projects do not go more often one of the first times a year. It's nice that the developers have released a free trial version of the game so that people can assess whether to pay for the full version of 90 rubles, or not.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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