Fantasy Kingdom Defense HD
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Fantasy Kingdom Defense HD
Fantasy Kingdom Defense HD
Fantasy Kingdom Defense HD
Fantasy Kingdom Defense HD
Fantasy Kingdom Defense HD
Fantasy Kingdom Defense HD

Review Fantasy Kingdom Defense HD

Sergei Petrov
Fantasy Kingdom Defense HD - is a colorful and very interesting game in the genre of Tower Defense, in which we have to defend your kingdom from the orcs, demons, skeletons and various other monsters. The game stands out the presence of original graphics and a full Russian translation of the interface.
All in the game there are more than 28 levels spread over four large locations. Each level, we can pass on three different difficulty - easy, medium and difficult. The level of difficulty depends on the number of crystals obtained for completing. In turn, for these crystals are buying not only the various upgrades for the castle, but also open up new units.

Features Fantasy Kingdom Defense HD for Android:

Unlike other games in the genre of Tower Defense, here as are the towers of the war. Knight good melee attack, archer shoots at high distances, and mage freezes enemies. Also, for an additional crystals to open the paladin, wizard, and elf, only it will have to earn a lot of them.
There's a little trick. You can go through the game to earn a certain amount of crystals, buy upgrades and clear gameplay. In this case, you start with a level 1, but keep all purchased improvements. Of course, this is a small snag and the trick, but you can beat the game without spending real money.
Also, apart from the soldiers themselves, you can sit on a dragon's castle tower, and the other set ballista for extra protection.
Even strengthen our army using special elixirs (gain per battle), mascot (the active gain) and challenge the Chinese dragon (powerful magical ability). At the beginning of the game, I recommend you buy the mascot acceleration time, which is sold for a symbolic 1 crystal and adds a treasured speed button "X2," without which no cost, not one game in this genre.
Summary. Fantasy Kingdom Defense HD - this is a totally free and very colorful game in the genre TD, which are highly optimized (goes even on the weakest devices), and is translated into Russian. The game looks very good and is recommended for all fans of the genre.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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