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Max Gentlemen
Max Gentlemen
Max Gentlemen
Max Gentlemen
Max Gentlemen
Max Gentlemen
Max Gentlemen
Max Gentlemen

Review Max Gentlemen

Kevin Vadala
Snappy and fast arcade action, deep content and customization
Sometimes touch screen is less than ideal
Max Gentlemen for Android might be the most unique game I have ever played on a mobile platform, perhaps any platform. It’s a game in which you collect hats to score points. That doesn't sound too strange, but when it’s combined with the games crazy settings, mechanics, and stylized humor, you will find yourself on a wild ride indeed.
The game isn't like Team Fortress, in which you collect hats, but something more similar to an old school super Nintendo game. It has colorful pixel art and twitchy game play mechanics. When you start the game, it asks you if you are of a legal drinking age - and then, the loading screens after are often very funny.
In one mode you are moving inside a cart and have to hold then tap your hat to dodge birds, and collect hats to stack them higher and higher. Soon you will find yourself making quick decisions that are hard, but fair. In another mode, you are in a saloon, and you move your character quickly to pick up beer that some how gives you character a stack-able hat. In this mode you have to dodge flying beer glass missiles.
Sadly, even though all of the modes are great fun, actually moving you in certain modes can prove frustrating with touch controls. However, in some other modes, I couldn't help but marvel at the interesting way the developers made the controls work. In the instance of the main mode, you can split hats through the middle, to dodge incoming birds, instead of relying on them all being forced to move together. These decisions often require great spatial awareness and snap decision making that when pulled off, can be incredibly satisfying.
Even though Max Gentlemen gives a great pick up and play experience, the game also provides a deep amount of unlockable content, if not an entirely complex game play experience. There are 39 unlockable hats ranging from octopus hats to viking hats. You can use real money to purchase different characters to use while you collect hats, and you can also purchase hats as well. There are many characters, hats to collect, and scores to achieve.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 5/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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