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Tower Boxing
Tower Boxing
Tower Boxing
Tower Boxing

Review Tower Boxing

Jay Feldman
Interesting graphics, decent game play
Very common, bores you really quickly
Tower Boxing for Android plays like an arcade classic. Bash the crap out of skyscrapers and collect coins for no other purpose than to have fun while doing it.
Tower Boxing relies heavily on simplicity. The game features a boxer, naturally, and he's standing next to a very tall skyscraper. I guess in relation to the building, he's about the size of King Kong. The objective is to just punch out the bottom floor of the building, smashing it to bits. This in turn, makes the building fall lower, and you're ready to punch out and shatter the next floor. Just keep punching and punching for as many floors as you can. But be careful, because there are platforms and obstacles hanging off the side of the building, and as the floors drop, those obstacles get lower and lower and and squash you, dead. So you gotta switch sides to avoid the obstacles and keep playing.
The controls are very easy and effective. Just a punch button on the left and another on the right. Tap either one to punch out the building; whichever button you use, places you on that respective side of the building. So as the obstacles come near, be sure to switch sides to avoid them and keep punching. If you take too long between punches, your boxer gets knocked out, somehow; so speed is key. Problem is, the faster you go, the more likely one of those overhanging obstacles will squash you. The graphics go for 8 bit charm and the sounds are funny.
Tower Boxing plays well and is one of those games you'll either get addicted to, or you wont. Solid play is rewarded with extra characters, like Godzilla and other goofy beasts. The game is fun, just not for long.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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